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Timbaland has been a leader in music production for decades now, getting his break in the 1990s with his work for Aaliyah, Ginuwine, and of course Missy Elliot.  As an artist and innovator, he has often been on the cutting edge and now he's discussing the potential upsides to embracing the new influx of Artificial intelligence in music creation. In recent

World-renowned record producer Timbaland reportedly made as much as $500,000 per beat in his prime production years, according to an interview with ProducerGrind. Getting his start back in '97 on Ginuwine's debut album 'Ginuwine.. The Bachelor', Timbaland has created some of the most memorable songs in Pop and Hip-Hop even to the untrained ear.  While his list of credits is a lengthy

On social media, Martin Garrix and Timbaland have been pictured together working on new music in Miami. In a recent Instagram post, it appears that the young Amstelveen-born sensation may be collaborating on new music with Hip-Hop and R&B phenomenon Timbaland. Both took to the platform to show off their company whilst deep in session. This exciting development aligns with Martin's ability