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This past Friday, the German-Russian producer Zedd shared an exciting message for all his followers on his twitter what might be one of the most unexpected and biggest bombs of the year. He will be teasing a brand new collaboration with the one and only Dutch prodigy Martin Garrix. These news coming just when we reach the end of the year, has

The newest Martin Garrix collaboration alongside Dean Lewis; 'Used To Love' is off to a hot start, already amassing more than 34 million streams on Spotify. While Lewis' vocals and Garrix's production make quite the team, one element goes flying under the radar. Featuring live instruments in a number of his tracks, Garrix teamed up with talented Dutch musician Frank van Essen to include some

Martin Garrix is once again teaming up with another talented Australian singer-songwriter as he enlists the talents of Dean Lewis on their new single 'Used To Love'. Talking about their friendship, Martin spoke highly of Dean, giving only praise for the Australian; "“It was amazing to make this song together. Dean is such a good friend and an exciting talent. He writes deeply personal lyrics