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The music industry is becoming vastly saturated; however, YouTube music and Spotify have managed to remain our go-to music streaming platforms. This has led to a long battle regarding which platform is better. Even content creators struggle to choose whether they should buy Spotify plays to gain Spotify plays or invest in YouTube views. Even though it’s hard to spot

YouTube is one of the best platforms to host your music and videos. The site has over 1.86 billion viewers who are eager for some new and exciting tunes. However, YouTube is also highly competitive with countless artists. So, the question comes: How to promote your music on YouTube? How can you get more views, likes, and subscribers? Let’s find out! 1. Invest in YouTube Ads Alt-

Five years ago, on November 12, 2015, the biggest online video-sharing platform, YouTube, launched its music streaming service, YouTube Music. Today, YouTube Music is available in 100 countries, offering both, free and premium subscriptions. With Music Premium you can listen to music offline, without ads, and with the screen turned off. From now on, YouTube Music decides to focus more on