Home Tech Plugins Avid releases major expansion to Pro Tools called Pro Tools Sketch
Avid releases major expansion to Pro Tools called Pro Tools Sketch
Avid Pro Tools Sketch
Credits: Avid (https://www.avid.com/resource-center/pro-tools-sketch)

Avid releases major expansion to Pro Tools called Pro Tools Sketch

Home Tech Plugins Avid releases major expansion to Pro Tools called Pro Tools Sketch

Avid’s most beloving musical development, Pro Tools, is an industry-standard powerhouse providing a powerful interface, streamlined design, and an arsenal of world-class recording, editing, and mixing tools suitable for various genres. Its playground area is known for its intuitive workflow, now accompanied by a brand-new addition. The company dived a little deeper into the aspect of capturing ideas on the spot which led to their newest development, Pro Tools Sketch.


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As part of the latest Pro Tools 2023.9 software update, Avid introduced Sketch as “a new non-linear, clip-based creation window in Pro Tools.” This major expansion offers you an area in which you can capture and edit your ideas when inspiration strikes right before loading them up into the DAW’s timeline. Sketch is the little brother of the already-existing Edit & Mix windows. Avid mentioned needing a sandbox for immediate experimentation in order to quickly expand on your initial idea, using the right tools to combine loops & MIDI, build an arrangement, and dress it up with the included effects. Freely organize and play your sketches in an environment proven to be used on many top ten musical songs, movies, and TV shows.


A 16-tracked timeline offers you a solid base for sketching ideas including virtually unlimited scenes, a range of built-in effects, and a 1+ GB-sized pack full of loops suitable for any occasion. Its intuitive workflow comes in handy when quickly browsing for the right loops, auditioning them, and dragging them to the Launcher where they can be edited. Its linear song arrangement lets you easily record audio & MIDI straight into Sketches. “Creators never stop generating new ideas and Sketch lets their output keep pace with their individual creative sparks. Not a single moment wasted, not a single idea lost.” 


Besides creating an environment specially crafted for Pro Tools, the company wanted to provide a complete audio creation ecosystem for all of their mobile customers. While developing this add-on, Avid was able to create a second version of Sketch that’s able to run as a stand-alone app for iPad. Mobile music creators are also provided with all of the functionalities to ignite the spark of an idea. In order to expand your idea to a bigger creation you need to upload your Sketch files into Pro Tools itself. Sketch will be included in Pro Tools Intro, a free offering that’s accessible to anyone.


Pro Tools Sketch is available to all Pro Tools customers on an active subscription whereas the iPad app is free to download via the Apple App Store. More information about Sketch can be found here.

Have a look at Pro Tools Sketch below:

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Image Credits: Avid


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