Cubase 13 speculations

Fans are excited over the possible release of Steinberg Cubase 13

The previous, most recent, version of Steinberg’s famous DAW, Cubase, was publicly released back in March 2022- now speculation is mounting about the next one, and fans are starting to get excited over about the possible release of Cubase 13 later this year. It’s already come to the conclusion that a dealer leaked the new version on the internet and that a possible release is coming closer and closer. There’s no information on any official release date, but there is some information about the new improvements and features.


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MixConsole has been renewed with a slick, modernized design offering total focus while working on your mix. The Channel Tab gives you the ability to directly access your mix without leaving the arrangement. Mix-on-the-go can be taken seriously with this new update as its new design lets you find what you need and mix on the go per channel view. Expect a new Editor experience by polishing your instruments within the Drum Editor and Key Editor. The visibility Tab lets you easily switch between tracks whereas the new Track Display offers you the tools to maintain a clear overview of all the different processes happening. In addition to this, you can expand the range of editing by using the most powerful tool within the new version, the Range Tool.


There’s nothing as versatile as processing vocals, but the new ultimate Vocal Chain plugin provides a step-for-step module to turn your raw recordings into professional-sounding end results. Extend your chord progressions by using the newly included Chord Pads presets, in order to start making unique music. Freshly new Spectral Warp modes are added to the Sampler Track for unique envelope creations and extreme manipulation. A fully-fletched Orchestral Library, Iconica Sketch, holds onto an arsenal of sounds for you to create professional orchestral scores with. Expect high-quality presets including 140 articulations for a total of 34 different instruments. All are packed within a 5GB-sized library.

The following features are also added or upgraded:

  • Vocoder: The Steinberg Vocoder uses up to 24 filter bands and a sidechain input in order to create the famous robotic vocals.
  • Equalizer: The new EQ-P1A and EQ-M5 are adding style with frequency
  • Compressor: The classic tube compressor, Black Valve, adds sonic detail to your productions
  • Sample Packs: A total of 5 different sample packs offer you a perfect starting point for your creative process. Made by the Grammy-winning producer Beat Butcha, Sharooz, 91Vocals, and Touch Loops.
  • Step & MIDI Input: Modify note lengths anywhere, anytime, and be ready to add voices on top through the polyphonic note input feature.
  • Routing
  • Channel configuration
  • Start Modes
  • Vertical Zoom
  • Key Commands
  • Video Engine


Steinberg Cubase 13 will be running on Windows 11 and macOS Ventura & Monterey. Keep in mind that the software doesn’t support 32-bit plugins. Only VST 2 plugins are compatible with Rosetta 2 mode on Apple Silicon Macs.

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Image Credits: Steinberg

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