Sennheiser MKH 8000

Sennheiser give first look to upcoming MKH 8030 microphone

Continuing to develop new products for audio capturing and field recording, industry leader Sennheiser has unveiled its latest offering, a powerful new condenser microphone that will be released next year. First previewed at the International Satellite Broadcasting Exhibition (IBC) this month, the MKH 8030 is a powerful new recording device that is sure to raise the bar in the industry.

For years, Sennheiser has been growing its MKH Series of microphones to offer users in the broadcast, sports, and field recording industries access to some of the highest-quality equipment possible. The engineers and developers at the company continue to push forward and utilize the spotlight of IBC 2023 to unveil the newest offering in the lineup, the MKH 8030 condenser microphone. Kai Lange, Product Manager Professional, Wire-bound discusses the excitement of the new microphone here:

“We are thrilled to be previewing the MKH 8030, a microphone that the MKH user community has been expecting for quite a few years. The extremely compact 8030 is ideal for field recording, sports and general broadcasting, theatres, orchestra recordings and studio music. During the past few months, field tests were successfully carried out, and we are now using the remaining months until the 8030 becomes available in Q2/2024 to implement some of the suggestions our field testers made.”

Boasting the powerful qualities for which the MKH 8000 series is renowned, the 8030 boasts an incredible low to high-frequency response, 30 to 50,000 Hz, to help capture crisp noise and event recordings, whether in nature or broadcasting a noisy sporting event. The microphone is built to reproduce sound accurately with an extremely low inherent self-noise that will appear to engineers and audio aficionados.

Sennheiser began accepting pre-orders at the start of IBC with the price set at EUR 1,499 (MSRP) / USD 1,499 (MAP) and will include an MZW 8030 foam windshield, an MZQ 8000 mic clamp, and two Rycote back-to-back clips to create mic pairs with each purchase.

Image Credit: Sennheiser | Provided by George Vlad

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