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Barack Obama Weighs In On Artificial Intelligence In The Music Industry

Barack Obama, the former President of the United States, shared his insights on the impact of artificial intelligence (AI) on music creation. Drawing a parallel to the legal profession, Obama compared the application of AI in law firms to that of a second-year law associate. He highlighted that while AI can proficiently churn out legal briefs or research memos, it might lack the nuanced expertise and creativity that a seasoned professional brings to the table.


The former US President Barack Obama made the statement during a recent episode of The Verge’s Decoder podcast that “People have asked me around AI, ‘Are there going to still be artists around and singers and actors, or is it all going to be computer-generated stuff?…My answer is, ‘For elevator music, AI is going to work fine.’”


This perspective resonates with the concerns expressed by Jamie MacColl, guitarist of Bombay Bicycle Club and a research fellow in cyber security. MacColl underscored the vulnerability of jobs in creating commercial music due to the rise of AI technologies. His viewpoint aligns with Obama’s, emphasizing that areas of music creation associated with commercial purposes might be impacted resulting in fewer employment opportunities for musicians.


The intersection of AI and music creation raises pertinent questions about the balance between technological advancement and the preservation of artistic expression. While AI demonstrates remarkable capabilities in certain areas, there remains a consensus among industry experts that it may struggle to replicate the depth and emotional resonance that human musicians bring to their craft.


As we navigate the evolution of AI integration into creative industries, it becomes crucial to start a dialogue about the coexistence of technology and human artistry. Obama’s analogy sheds light on the potential future of AI in music creation, leaving us to wonder about the balance between innovation and the irreplaceable touch of human ingenuity in the world of music.


Image credits: Hitesh Choudhary on Unsplash

Video Credits: The Verge

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