Behringer BX700

Behringer tease BX700, a “DX7 on Steroids”

Behringer love to take a playful approach to product announcements, so it should come as no surprise that they’ve once again got the music tech world all worked up- the Behringer BX700, a prototype which may or may not ever see an official release, has captured the attention of the industry.


On the morning of July 7th, the Behringer Facebook account posted a cheeky teaser:


“What a crazy Friday. Can you believe that after Marc left the office, our other obsessed product magician Miguel quietly tapped me on my shoulder and handed me this synth prototype. He said ‘you need to know that this synth is on no roadmap, no business plan and even Uli doesn’t know about it. I have designed this in my spare time and I just wanted to share this secretly with you. It’s a DX7 on steroids as it has an authentic CS-80 analog filter, a drum machine built in and a few other cool features.’ I promised Miguel to keep it confidential so when I share this with you, make sure you don’t share it with anyone else, otherwise I’ll be in big trouble. We promise to never make this synth as the world surely doesn’t need another DX7, or does it?”


The alluded-to Yamaha DX7 pioneered FM synthesis back in the early 80s, going on to become one of the most popular digital synths ever released. Behringer have clearly taken quite a bit of inspiration from the Japanese company here, as the similarly mentioned CS-80 analog synth is also an iconic Yamaha product. Combining some of the best aspects of the two in a modern and compact device sounds like it could be a winner, but considering Behringer’s history of teasing new gear that never hits the market, all bets are off as to whether we’ll ever get to see it truly come to life.


Almost nothing is known about the Behringer BX700 beyond what the company outlined in the above statement- keep up with us at We Rave You Tech for more information as it arrives, and check out Behringer’s Instagram post to see what people are saying about this potential new synth!



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Image credit: Behringer (Facebook)

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