Behringer UB-Xa

Behringer launches exciting new UB-Xa synthesizer

Although technology continues to push forward at a supersonic rate, the classic continues to excite and inspire artists and creators around the world, as they try to blend the sounds of the past with the creations of the future. As one of the leaders of the industry, Behringer has finally introduced a new instrument that has been promised for six years that harkens back to the early 80s while providing a strong, modern sound.

First announced years ago, and delayed by manufacturing delays and access to chips, Behringer has finally unveiled the exciting new UB-Xa synthesizer, a modern update on the popular 1981 Oberheim OB-X instrument. In recent years, the company has looked to drastically expand its collection of synthesizers and the UB0Xa is one of the most anticipated releases on the calendar. Officially launched today, the UB-Xa provides 16 polyphonic voices, two VCOs per voice, plus dual pole or four pole VCFs, to help recreate the classic sound originally found on records by Prince, Depeche Mode, Tangerine Dream, and many more.

“More than just a recreation of a classic synthesiser, we’ve made sure that the UB-Xa has all the bells, whistles and characteristics that came with the original. But it’s also filled to the brim with modern features such as velocity and after-touch, 512 user programme memories and comprehensive MIDI implementation.”

After the first demo was shown back in 2022, creators around the world have been excited about the release of the new UB-Xa, an instrument that Behringer has spent an incredible $3.5 million dollars in order to develop. In order to provide the highest quality reproduction, the new release will offer all of the original sound patches as well as the ability to split the keyboard to access and layer two different sounds at once. While the official pricing has yet to be released, rumors have the new synthesizer retailing for $1500, an excellent deal for such a powerful instrument.

Image Credit: Behringer

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