Best Free Synth Plugins in 2023

Best Free Synth Plugins in 2023

No matter the kind of electronic music you make, a good synth is absolutely vital. It’s something you’re going to need for every track you work on, and it makes your life that much easier when you find the right one for you. One might think that you’d need to shell out hundreds for a good VST synth, but there’s plenty of high-quality plugins you can download without spending a single penny. Here’s our list of the ten best (in no particular order) free VST synth plugins of 2023!


Top Free Synth VST Plugins for Music Producers


1. SyndtSphere- Klevgrand


“Surf” between presets on this stylish, minimalistic synth. Made by Swedish company Klevgrand, SyndtSphere allows you to modify all of your parameters at once according to the proximity of over 70 professionally created states on an innovative sphere design, allowing you to create your perfect sound in an incredibly unique manner. Available on iPhone or iPad as well as your laptop of choice.




2. LowBitMonoSyn- D10Labo


One of several D10Labo plugins on this list, the LowBitMonoSyn is a 2-oscillator monophonic synth with low-bit oscillator waves and an astounding array of modulations for a free plugin. It’s got an understated and easy-to-understand format, with all the controls (including pitch, Env modulation, and LFO modulation) on the stylish panel right in front of you.





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3. ModSynthMono- D10Labo


A monophonic version of D10Labo’s ModSynth, the ModSynthMono features the exact same sounds as the polyphonic original and is inspired by some of the greatest synths of all time: the EMS SynthiA, Sequential Circuits Prophet-5, and the Oberheim Xpander. An incredibly deep instrument and a wonderful value considering you get it for free.




4. MSyn1mini- D10Labo


The last offering from D10Labo on this list, the MSyn1mini is a subset of the MSyn1 by the same company. It’s a monophonic synth with 1 oscillator (saw and pulse), as well as the familiar and comfortable lay-out of the LowBitMonoSyn and the ModSynthMono. A bit of a free trial of the MSyn1, but certainly worth downloading and playing around with on it’s own.





5. Odin 2- TheWaveWarden


A powerful 24-voice polyphonic synth with emulations of classic Moog and Korg analog filters, Odin 2 from TheWaveWarden offers an unbelievable amount of power for a free plugin. With five onboard FX and plenty of modulation options, Odin 2 packs as much capability and depth into a free and open-source plugin as other synths that are far more expensive.






6. Surrealistic MG-1 Plus Synthesizer- Cherry Audio


A super-funky recreation of the MG-1 synth from the 80s, complete with over 140 presets and full MIDI compatibility. Cherry Audio’s take on an instrument that was originally sold in Radioshack stores, the Surrealistic MG-1 features the perfect marriage between the vintage analog feel of the original instrument with all the versatility and accessibility of modern synthesizers.





7. Pendulate- Eventide


Described by Eventide as a “chaotic” monosynth, Pendulate offers a wide range of controls, effects, and parameters for an incredibly detailed experience. 136 presets, animated modulation, a unique oscillator, and a low pass gate based on the quirky and cool Buchla 292 will make you wonder why the Pendulate doesn’t come with a hefty price tag.





8. Voltage Modular Nucleus- Cherry Audio


A highly-lauded modular synthesizer with an impressive 22 modules and over 130 presets, the Voltage Modular nucleus is effortlessly deep and versatile. Featuring oscillators, filters, envelope generators, amplifiers, mixers, a sequencer, an arpeggiator and more. The perfect way to get a feel for modular synthesis without emptying out your wallet







9. SynthMaster Player Free- KV331 Audio


A whopping 500 (!!!) factory presets with 12 parameters makes SynthMaster Player Free a rare combination of easy-to-use and seriously deep. You’ll never run out of presets in this extraordinarily loaded free trial from KV331 Audio. The perfect option for those who prefer to load up a sound instead of making one on their own.







10. Esfera-


An ambiance and special effects synth with 3 oscillators (Bass, Atmosphere 1, Atmosphere 2), Esfera, from, is perfect for padding your sound. Complete with chorus and stereo delay effects as well as a stepper effect with 6 different target options and reverse and forward functions. Incredible for making noise or adding something a little different to your tracks.







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