BOSS Announce GM-800 Guitar Synth

Ask any guitarist for the first pedal manufacturer that comes to mind and there’s a good chance they’ll say BOSS. The company behind some of the most beloved effects units in music history has been going strong for decades, and their penchant for delivering innovative and invigorating new products doesn’t seem to have waned in the slightest. They’re back with a guitar synthesizer featuring all of the brand’s latest tech, a stompbox that might just be their next big thing. Meet the BOSS GM-800.


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To say that this device will give you a good range of sounds is a bit of an understatement- the GM-800 will feature an astounding 1200+ tones and 70 rhythm sounds. Quantity here is thankfully not at the expense of quality, as the pedal uses the same ZEN-core sound engine from the flagship synths of parent company Roland. The all new Serial GK interface ushers in the next era of BOSS guitar synth pedals with its secure, space-saving connection; ZEN-core’s Scene workflow will give you an unprecedented level of control over every parameter of your sound. BOSS is promising exceptional playability and customization here- given their reputation, it’s hard to believe they won’t deliver.


The BOSS GM-800 is now up for preorder from a variety of dealers from around the world! The pedal by itself retails for about $749.99 in the US£700 in the UK, and €800 in Europe. An exact date for when the units will ship is currently unavailable, but it’s expected that they will be sent out in the coming weeks. Watch the video below to get a quick look at some of the sounds you can get from the GM-800!



Image credit: BOSS

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