Home Tech Plugins Deadmau5 developed a Loop Player in Unreal Engine
Deadmau5 developed a Loop Player in Unreal Engine
Deadmau5 Loop Player
Credits: Billboard (https://www.billboard.com/music/music-news/deadmau5-oberhasli-virtual-world-9645532/)

Deadmau5 developed a Loop Player in Unreal Engine

Home Tech Plugins Deadmau5 developed a Loop Player in Unreal Engine

Canadian music producer Deadmau5 is well-known for his technological innovations both within the studio and on stage. His thoughtful idea, the Cube V3, is an iconic piece of stage decor that he claimed to be the developer of. Besides that, he is a mastermind when it comes to decoding and developing blueprints for all kinds of technological creations and announced his newest tool to be showcased in a couple of hours. Meet Deadmau5 Loop Player.


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Joel Thomas Zimmerman, better known as the masked mau5, operates mainly on social media platforms such as Twitter and Instagram to connect with his audience and share his latest info about shows and developments. One of his latest posts on Instagram grabbed his fan’s attention by displaying a blueprint decoding program with the following caption: “Well, it’s taken me a couple years… no joke… but, here we have it! A dead-on, sample accurate loop player in unreal engine. Those time stamps…. *chefs kiss*.” 


He mentioned working on an in-game visual representation of the Loop Player in order to get a better understanding of it.


The Instagram post also contains an explanation video on how he created this idea:


 “I have 6 separate loops of different bar durations all playing at once, there’s a quartz subsystem underneath that’s keeping them all in perfectly seamless loop time. the setup is also dynamic so you can eventually hot swap “stems” and they’ll stay locked to the clock… this will basically allow you to “remix” tracks in an up and coming meowingtons simulator ;).” 


This simulator was publicly announced as a VR game in collaboration with Absolut Labs where you can play as Joel’s cat, Meowingtons. New music by the superstar could exclusively be heard within the app, but due to higher costs, the game was ultimately cancelled.


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Image Credits: Billboard


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