Korg Gadget VR Daw Available Now

Korg Gadget VR is now available for virtual reality enthusiasts worldwide. Korg is a leading brand in the field of electronic musical instruments, known for its innovative technologies and unique sound designs. Over the years, the company has maintained its position as an industry leader by consistently delivering top-notch, versatile instruments that inspire musicians and producers all around the globe.


During the virtual NAMM event, Korg unveiled the Mod-wave, the ARP 2600 M, and the miniKORG 700FS hardware synthesizers, along with giving a sneak peek of Gadget VR. A digital audio workstation (DAW) that comes with over 40 instruments, effects, and everything needed for sequencing, the gadget app has a wide range of sounds covering various synthesis types, classic synth emulations, and more. The intuitive workflow of Gadget makes it easy to navigate without any knowledge of a DAW. 


The VR version offers a unique virtual experience that places users in a three-dimensional space where they can control the instruments in real time using their hands. Korg states that the software requires a Windows PC and a VR headset and currently supports the Meta Quest 2/Pro. It is worth noting that the Meta Quest 3 is not yet supported. Epic Games’ Unreal Engine (A software for producing video games), was used to recreate the software in VR, making it an exciting application of VR in the music production space.


Korg Gadget VR is available now on Steam and Oculus for $29.99. With the flexibility that VR offers, this opens up new possibilities for workflow in the music production space, and it will be interesting to see if other DAWs follow suit.

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Image credit: Korg

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