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Mac Demarco Voices Frustrations with Spotify’s lack of HiFi-Streaming

Noted musician Mac Demarco has recently aired his frustrations with Spotify’s lack of premium audio. Despite Spotify’s initial announcement in 2021, the artist expressed his frustration over the continued absence of a high-fidelity audio option for music enthusiasts. High-Fidelity (Hi-Fi) audio streaming is a technology that seeks to deliver the most accurate representation of a song while transmitting the least amount of distortion possible. Unlike standard streaming, which often compresses audio files to save bandwidth and storage space, Hi-Fi streaming preserves the originally recorded quality of the sound, capturing nuances and intricacies that might otherwise be lost. This allows listeners to enjoy music in a manner that closely resembles the artist’s intended recording. It is worth noting competitors in the music streaming industry like Apple Music and Tidal currently offer premium audio plans.


DeMarco’s comments shed light on the significance of Hi-Fi streaming for both musicians and music aficionados. In a recent interview with the NME, the singer-songwriter didn’t shy away from criticizing the Stockholm-based company:


The other thing that I find really interesting is, well, Spotify is really funny ‘cause it’s still like standard-definition. They don’t really have a high-def option, which is stupid, and if anybody from the team sees this, what are you doing? What’s wrong with you? Fix it. Everybody else is doing it, just do it. What’s wrong with you?


He illustrated the importance of an artist to be able to articulate their creative vision in the highest quality possible. Hi-Fi streaming creates a more immersive experience that transcends the limitations of traditional streaming, as it ensures that listeners can fully appreciate the intricacies and emotions conveyed in their compositions.  


Spotify’s announcement in 2021 initially generated excitement among audiophiles, promising an enhanced listening experience for subscribers willing to pay a premium. The delay in launching the Hi-Fi plan, however, has left many eagerly waiting for the upgrade to materialize. Many music enthusiasts, including Demarco, are disappointed with the delay of the Hi-Fi plan. Despite the higher subscription cost, there is a significant market for this level of audio quality. As streaming becomes the primary method of music consumption, the demand for superior audio has increased. Many artists advocate for maintaining the integrity of their work by giving listeners the chance to experience it as intended. Given the delay in Spotify’s Hi-Fi plan, there is a collective expectation for the platform to prioritize its release, satisfying both artists and fans.


Image Credit: Thibault Penin (Unsplash)

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Research for this article was collected from NME’s Youtube Channel and Prime Sound.

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