Home Tech Plugins Mixing Night Audio release powerful new LOLCOMP plugin
Mixing Night Audio release powerful new LOLCOMP plugin
Mixing Night Audio LOLCOMP
Image Credit: Mixing Night Audio

Mixing Night Audio release powerful new LOLCOMP plugin

Home Tech Plugins Mixing Night Audio release powerful new LOLCOMP plugin

Producers around the world all understand the importance of compression in their works and mixes and strive to not only dial in the perfect settings but find plugins and gear that properly color aspects of a track in a way that brings out the best of a sound. While there is no shortage of viable options to choose from in the modern world, the team at Mixing Night Audio has unveiled a powerful and fun new compressor that is a must-have for producers of all levels.

When first taking a look at LOLCOMP from Mixing Night Audio, it’s hard not to smile and be mildly confused by the large, emoji-style figure that serves as the focal point of the compressor. Featuring five distinct chains that have been crafted by iconic producer Ken Lewis, LOLCOMP offers powerful mixing options but it is designed in a way that pushes users to rely on their ears instead of assessing dials and other visuals on a normal interface. Lewis expanded upon the concept by stating:

When we started Mixing Night Audio, we wanted to make plugins with a gamified feel to them and depart from plugins that look like gear. I believe when you stop thinking so much and enjoy your work more, creativity and results come easier. They do for me. My vision for LOLCOMP is to provide producers and mixers of all levels with ridiculously easy to use tools that provide fast, jaw dropping results. No matter if you’re an absolute beginner or seasoned professional. 

Diving into the actual tools of the compressor is clearly laid out in this comprehensive guide created by Mixing Night Audio which breaks down the five main chains that have been developed for LOLCOMP.

1. The Smiley (LOL) Chain: This setting was crafted for vocals but works well on guitars, synths, strings, pianos, or any other instrument, providing a clean compression without any artifacts or distortion.

2. The Panda Chain: Designed for bass and 808s, the Panda Chain is a powerful low-end compressor that helps create the ideal bass foundation.

3. The Kangaroo Chain: Just like the image of a kangaroo defending itself, this chain packs a punch, adding attitude and grit to drums, rap vocals, or any other element that needs some control over its transients while still making an impact.

4. Peacock Chain: While being the least aggressive chain within LOLCOMP, the Peacock Chain does provide a bit of sparkle and beauty, helping add just a little extra to any recording or sample to help it shine in the mix.

5. Dragon Chain: This is the go-to chain for excessive saturation and force, providing a powerful boost and distortion to any sound running through it. The creators recommend utilizing the fader to the left of the plugin to control the input to help get the most out of this setting.

The team of designers behind LOLCOMP crafted this plugin so that simply adjusting the main characters will provide incredible results, but for those who prefer to explore the parameters even further, users can adjust the input/output signal, as well as play with the PARALOL Section. In this region, there is a low/high cut filter, mix knob, plus five filters and modules to further control and color any sound.

If all that wasn’t enough, LOLCOMP also comes with 100 presets to provide further guidance and templates for any mix situation. With many compressors to choose from, it can feel overwhelming when deciding what to purchase and use in one’s own studio, but the team at Mixing Night Audio has crafted a tool that covers almost any need. Check out a full overview of LOLCOMP below and purchase the plugin today for just $149 at Mixing Night Audio. LOLCOMP, the uniquely designed compressor plugin from Mixing Night Audio, is available for just $75 as part of ongoing Black Friday sales.


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Image Credit: Mixing Night Audio

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