Roland SH-4d

Roland releases powerful new SH-4d synthesizer

One of the world’s premier companies for sound and music creation, the illustrious Roland, has returned with a powerful new desktop synthesizer that is sure to be a staple of many producers’ studios.  The new SH-4d offers a plethora of sound and editing tools combined with a compact design to fit any studio space, whether it be a professional room or a bedroom setup.

For Roland, innovation, and functionality shine through in every product they create and the SH-4d is no different, proving 11 OSC models, featuring a wide array of sounds from “vintage analog synths and PCM-based sounds to cutting-edge digital tones.”  Of course, the synthesizer offers a wide array of features to help shape and morph these sounds for a unique result, including features such as the Wavetable Model for complex morphing tones or creating something completely new with the Drawing Model, where producers can create their own waveforms.  Beyond the access to a variety of synthesizer sounds new and old, the SH-4d also provides a Chord Model, allowing for the creation “of complex chord changes with single notes and simple slider movements.”


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Roland has packed much more than a highly dynamic and designable synth into their newest release, as it also offers a drum synthesizer, so producers can create kits from scratch to ensure that percussion meets the quality of the rest of the instruments.  With a full range of LFOs. envelopes, and oscillators, all available through the clearly designed interface of the unit, shaping and modeling sounds can happen at the speed of any workflow.  Taking things a step further, the SH-4d also interacts with external LFOs, envelopes, and MIDI sources, further expanding the power of the device and easily assigning knobs with the intuitive menu built-in.

Be sure to check out the full product overview video below to learn all about the many features of the powerful new Roland SH-4d.

Image Credit: Roland

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