Shazam unveils personalized in-app concert recommendations

For over two decades now, music fans worldwide have utilized Shazam to help identify songs and further build their own music catalog. The company is further updating its offering, providing recommendations for live music events in the user’s area.

Having recognized billions of songs for users since its launch in 2002, Shazam, which is now owned by Apple, is continuing to build upon its platform and has now introduced a more personalized concert section to coincide with the iOS 17 update and further integrated into Apple Music and Maps. The new Concerts feature will go beyond simply recommending events in the area but will allow users to set notifications to be reminded about tickets as well as access exclusive post-event content such as photos and set lists. This latest update looks to expand upon the app’s first concert offering which came back in March of 2022 and relied upon data from Bandsintown to make user recommendations.

For iOS 17 users, the integration of Shazam into the functions of the device will extend to Spotlight Searches where users can find event information such as venue details and links to ticketing thanks to information provided via the app. The integration will further extend in the Maps section as Apple Music Guides will allow users to browse a list of curated venues and read details about the locations including upcoming events.

As of now, the updated features are only available to iOS 17 users but the company looks to deliver the revamped Concerts section to Android users in the coming months as well.

Image Credit: Shazam

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