Home Tech Tech News SiriusXM launches new $9.99 streaming plan for listeners
SiriusXM launches new $9.99 streaming plan for listeners

SiriusXM launches new $9.99 streaming plan for listeners

Home Tech Tech News SiriusXM launches new $9.99 streaming plan for listeners

As fans around the world have learned to move away from physical formats of music and rely on streaming services, the digital platforms that host the content have found themselves vying for new listeners and subscribers in order to boost their own reach. Although SiriusXm has a major stake in the digital and subscription radio space, it is now looking to carve out a larger niche in the streaming arena.

Fans of SiriusXM appreciate the platform’s commercial-free format, access to a variety of channels that offer specific music, or content, as well as special offerings of artist takeovers or live broadcasts of events and festivals. SiriusXM CEO Jennifer Witz discussed the company’s plan to relaunch its app on December 14th to offer listeners a more curated experience and better access to new content:

The introduction of the new SiriusXM streaming experience marks a pivotal moment in our history, one that kicks off a new era of innovation at our Company. And this launch is just the beginning; we will continue to iterate and develop our product offerings throughout the next year and beyond as we strive to deliver our subscribers the best listening experience on the go, in the car, and wherever they choose to tune in. From can’t miss live moments to the perfect soundtrack for any occasion, with the new SiriusXM, we are putting our differentiators at the forefront and welcoming in a new generation of listeners, bringing them closer to what they love.”

The newly launched app will offer listeners four curated sections to choose from, Music, Sports, Talk, and Podcasts, as well as more discovery options with a fresh new set of DJ takeovers from global stars such as Olivia Rodrigo and Cardi B to Alice Cooper, Luke Combs, and Maren Morris. With the new SiriusXM app and the $9.99 subscription price, the satellite radio giant is hoping to further connect with fans and offer an experience that can compete and surpass other streaming platforms.

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