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Sony provides new Dolby Atmos update to PlayStation 5

When Sony first unveiled its PlayStation 5 console in 2020, it quickly became one of the most sought-after gaming systems on the market, quickly selling out from any retailer that could get a shipment. Now the legendary tech and audio company is looking to upgrade the console with some of the world’s best audio technology.

As a leader and pioneer in the audio and technology fields, Sony is rarely content to release a product and then back off and let the competition catch up. After sending the gaming community into a frenzy with the release of PlayStation 5, the company has now provided a major update that will help enhance both the gameplay and the audio quality of the content. Available on September 13th, the newest update will allow PlayStation 5 users to access Dolby Atmos quality audio from the console when connected to soundbars and speakers that reproduce sound at that level. Following the acquisition of Audeze last month, Sony seems focused on enhancing the audio of their product line.

Dolny has recognized the growing interest in its advanced sound technology for personal usage and is also working hard to develop products and applications to help ensure an elite sonic experience from the comfort of one’s home. In order to help consumers achieve the ideal sound setup for their own homes, the company has recently developed FlexConnect, an at-home guide to help balance speakers and deliver a great audio experience. For PlayStation 5 users, this new update will surely bring a whole new level of enjoyment to the experience of playing games and watching movies on the console.

Along with the massive Dolby Atmos update, Sony has also introduced the ability to silence the console’s startup sound as well as pair a second controller to help new players learn a game and navigate the controls and levels.

Image Credit: Sony Playstation

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