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Soundtoys Black Friday 2023 deals on VST Plugins

The season of savings is upon us, and Soundtoys is kicking things off with irresistible deals on their acclaimed lineup of creative audio effects plugins from November 17 to December 1. If you’ve had your eye on adding some of the company’s award-winning vintage-style tools to your arsenal, now’s the time to pounce. This limited-time Black Friday sale offers up to 70% off Soundtoys’ entire range of plugins, from the iconic Decapitator saturation unit to the rhythm-crafting gems of Little AlterBoy and FilterFreak. Whether you produce electronic music, mix bands, or craft sound design, there’s a deep well of sonic goodies to enhance productions and inspire new creative directions. Don’t sleep on these spectacular savings – browse the complete selection of discounted Soundtoys plugins now and turbocharge your tunes without blowing your budget. With prices this low on some of the hottest tools in the game, these Black Friday deals on Soundtoys plugins are likely to move fast.


Best Soundtoys Black Friday 2022 Deals on VST Plugins

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Get to know more about some of the above-mentioned deals down below:


1. Soundtoys 5 Plugin Bundle 

The full range of compressors, filters, and transformers are forming this Soundtoys 5 plugin bundle. This bundle holds onto 22 different plugins, making it an all-around package for shaping and sculpting your mix. Alter vocals with Little Alterboy, use Sie-Q to enhance or decrease the right frequencies, add MicroShift to make them wider, and top it off with Little Plates’ lush reverb. Compress your drums with Devil-Loc Deluxe, add harmonic distortion through Decapitator, and even let them run through FilterFreak to achieve surprising effects. Soundtoys 5 is the most complete package you can get at this sale.


2. Soundtoys Effect Rack 

The Soundtoys Effect Rack can be compared to NI’s Kontakt Player because of its standalone compatibility. When loading up you can select out of 14 different Soundtoys effects and use them after one another. This complete rack will be functioning as a normal processing chain but this time within 1 plugin. Included within are the well-known Decapitator, FilterFreak, Radiator, EchoBoy, and PrimalTap, just to name a few. Soundtoys categorized all of the included presets into basics, chorus, delays, filters, spaces, modulation, drums, bass, guitar, vocals, and sound design. Use this rack on individual sounds, groups, busses, sends, and even on your master in order to achieve professional-sounding tracks.



3. PrimalTap

This replica of the classic digital Prime Time delay is a hybrid version of digital features and analog sound design. Through Multiply, you can double the delay time and halve the sample rate at the same time, emulated by the original piece of gear. Freeze a certain part of the incoming signal and let that be your echo loop, and use the included Adjust, LFO frequency, and LFO depth in the VCO section to modulate your echoes. This will result in different variations and motions within your echo sound. Sync your echo sound to your beat or set your favorite setting manually. Dive a little deeper into the technical side while using the feedback and output features.



4. Sie-Q

This 4-band EQ is modeled after the German Siemens W295b equalizer and the first in the line of equalizers for Soundtoys. The plugin can be divided into 4 sections: Low, Mid, High, and Drive. The low end can be controlled through steps of 3,6,9,12 or 15 dB. This band is pinned so you don’t have the freedom to choose a different frequency point. The Midsection consists of a volume knob, with steps of 2,4,6,8 dB, and a frequency knob including 0.7, 1, 1.5, 2.3, 3.5, and 5.6 kHz. Just like the low end, you can use fixed steps of 3,6,9,12, or 15 dB for the high end. On the right side of the plugin, you’ll find an additional drive knob that will add the original saturation character. This will add the real analog sound of hardware to your sound.




PhaseMistress is an analog phase shifter, perfectly usable on drums, guitars, vocals, synths, and basses. Through the frequency, resonance, and modulation features, you can decide which frequencies you want to shift and how much this effect will be applied by using the mix knob. Tap Tempo will give you the freedom to sync the phasing effect to your beat, whereas you can affect this by using different rhythms, shapes, and grooves. You can choose from multiple styles that will work with different sounds, but you can even deeply customize your effect by heading over to the style edit section. This section comes with different modulators for frequency, resonance, and resonance offset. Choose between 7 different analog styles, shape the waveform, and the total rhythm of the effect.



6. Devil-Loc Deluxe 

This deluxe version of the older Devil-Loc plugin gives you more flexibility in applying compression and distortion to your sound source. A total of 7 features are included: crush, crunch, slow, release, fast, darkness, and mix. The crush and crunch will add different harmonic distortion types to the incoming signal, emulated by the original Shure Level-Loc limiter. The fast or slow release times can be chosen by a single switch. The new darkness feature will add character and changes the tone. Use the mix knob to control the overall effect, dry/wet.


7. Little AlterBoy 

Of course, we can’t forget about Little Alterboy. This well-known pitch, distortion unit will transform any sound without introducing too many artifacts when driving to the max. The yellow side includes a pitch and formant feature that will perfectly pitch your vocals, and drums to +1 oct, and -1 oct. The formant feature will bring back the original formants of the signal to achieve a more natural-sounding result. Choose between 3 modes: transpose, quantize, and robot. Add additional distortion by using the drive feature and decide how much of this will be applied by using the mix knob.


8. Radiator 

Little Radiator’s brother is a dual-drive tube distortion and EQ unit, modeled after the classic 1960s Altec 1567A tube mixer. Decide whether you want to work with a clean or noisy slate on a line or mic input. Drive the input, and output to the right setting and see how much heat will be applied by looking at the built-in VU meter. You can even boost or reduce the bass and treble just like an equalizer. Use the mix knob as a dry/wet feature. This plugin can be perfectly used on drums and basses.


9. Tremolator

This tremolo effects unit will dive a little deeper into the technical side of simply adding volume changes. Tremolator is a replica of the original Fender Vibrolux guitar amp. By using the depth, groove, feel, and accent features you can change the effect to your liking. It comes with multiple shapes and rhythms, but you can also change the rate yourself or sync it to the right tempo. Click on the tweak button to open up a whole new section of different features, where you can control the threshold, attack, release, rate, depth, width, shapes, and rhythm.



Little Plate

This electromechanical reverb tool brings you a fresh sound of plate reverb but this time analog and digital will meet each other. The lush sound of the original EMT 140 plate reverb will put your sound into its own environment, whereas the new additions will be controlling this space. The Decay feature lets you go beyond the normal 5 seconds of reverb time. Now you can start from 0.5 seconds all the way up to infinity. Cut unwanted frequencies between 20 Hz and 1 kHz by using the low-cut feature, and use the overall dry/wet knob to control the effect.




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