TK Audio M/S Station Unit

TK Audio Introduces the M/S Station

TK Audio, the Swedish Audio technology manufacturer, is generating excitement with its announcement of the M/S Station, a cutting-edge tool tailored for mixing and mastering applications. This 1U rack space device is designed to transform the way audio experts handle processing and routing. It incorporates an elliptical EQ that allows users to merge all content below a designated frequency to mono. TK Audio ensures excellent audio quality by using a high-pass filter in the side channel and applying phase correction to the mid-channel. Additionally, the M/S Station has a unique feature – a parallel insert point – which, when combined with a flexible mid-side matrix, enables users to apply processing to the mid and side components of the signal.


Incorporating external processors into the signal path is seamless, thanks to the stereo insert point equipped with blend control. This enables the user to experiment with various processors. The M/S Active switch engages the mid-side matrix, offering unparalleled control over signal processing. With this feature, users can explore and experiment with individual signal elements creatively. The Blend dials offer 16 stepped positions, ensuring accurate adjustments for ultimate precision. Additionally, the stereo width processor has a Wide parameter that enables users to manipulate the stereo mix’s side information. This versatile tool allows users to adjust the signal from a mono signal to an expansive and immersive stereo image.


Notably, the M/S Station comes with an intuitive monitoring section that allows separate monitoring of left, right, mid, and side signals, including the parallel insert return signals. The EEQ switch facilitates auditioning of low frequencies affected by the elliptical EQ section. Additionally, the cue section, powered by relays, ensures seamless and efficient cue source selection and routing. The M/S Station is slated to hit the shelves in September 2023. Pre-orders are already open at a tempting price of $2099, promising to be an excellent investment for those seeking top-tier audio processing capabilities. TK Audio is known for their innovative products that push the boundaries of audio engineering, and the M/S Station is no exception. This powerful tool is destined to revolutionize the world of audio processing and mastering.


Image credits: TK Audio


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