Tycho is selling many pieces of his incredible collection of audio gear

Acclaimed American producer Tycho has built an incredible music career over the past two decades thanks to his lush orchestrations and pristine productions. As he looks to continue to build upon his already incredible musical journey, the producer has decided that it’s time to get rid of some old gear to make room for new toys.

Like most musicians, the penchant for collecting gear has been a part of his musical journey for Tycho, utilizing a variety of synthesizers and outboard gear to help craft his tracks and albums. Two decades in, and is ready to part with a solid chunk of the collection, offering nearly 100 items for sale in his own Reverb shop. Tycho, whose real name is Scott Hansen, discussed the idea of bringing in new items to help refresh and re-energize his creative process:

I’ve been collecting synthesizers and gear for about 25 years now,” says Hansen. “And I’ve found that throughout my career, I get inspired by new machines and new ways of working with machines, so I always try to keep things cycling in and out. And I think, at this point, it’s time to refresh.

Listed amongst this illustrious collection is the Oberheim FVS-1 synth, an instrument released in 1975 that featured heavily on his albums:

It’s just so unpredictable that it has a mind of its own. It’ll lead you down these paths you never knew you wanted to go down. I’ve never heard anything like it. I used it a lot on Dive for pads and big atmospheres and for basses and leads on Awake. Then I went back to pad mode on Epoch. Every time you sit down at it, it makes a sound that you’ve never heard.

Also available is his Neve 54 mixer, an item that is sure to be a prized possession for whoever purchases it will be lucky to have their hands on such an illustrious piece of gear. Beyond that, there will be his Korg Trident synthesizer, as well as his SSL G-Comp, and the Chandler Limited LTD-1, ensuring a wide variety of instruments and outboard gear. Be sure to sign up for notifications from his Reverb store to get updates on when the sale will go live.

Image Credit: Press / Provided by Falcon Publicity

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