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Yamaha Set to Take the MONTAGE to the Next Generation

Yamaha are saying goodbye to one of their most recognizable synths. Well… not quite. The warmly received Yamaha MONTAGE is being discontinued, but only in its current iteration- the next generation is on the way.


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First hitting the market seven years ago, the MONTAGE quickly garnered acclaim for its dynamic controls, dual sound engines, and plethora of content. It’s been a smashing success for the company, but Yamaha feel as though they’ve taken it as far as they can:


“Today we are discontinuing the MONTAGE music synthesizer. Since its launch in 2016, MONTAGE has provided musicians with new ways to express themselves. As much as we would have liked to, we cannot develop the current MONTAGE any further.”


Thankfully, this doesn’t truly spell the end for the popular synth:


“And one more thing…the next generation MONTAGE synthesizer is coming in October.”


As a parting gift, Yamaha is offering MONTAGE owners the chance to download three character pianos (Nashville C3, U1 Upright, and Felt Piano) at no cost to them.


The new version of the Yamaha MONTAGE will be here in just a few months- click here to read the original announcement, and keep up with us at We Rave You Tech for more information as it becomes available!


Image credit: Yamaha Synth

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