Marshmello & Bastille’s mega hit ‘Happier’ is re-created in Fortnite

Marshmello is not only known for his great music and DJ sets, but also for being a gamer. More specifically, he is a huge fan of Fortnite. The producer even teamed up with the best Fortnite player in the world, Ninja, for a tournament during last years Electronic Entertainment Expo in Los Angeles, and they won. Another astonishing milestone for Marshmello and Fortnite happened just a few weeks ago: the masked DJ played a very special set virtually within Fortnite, something that has never happened before.

Now, in order to honor that great achievement, a group of Fortnite players have come together and performed Mello’s big hit with Bastille Happier’, also virtually in the game. Organized by a user named UMadBroYolo, 24 players came together on a giant in-game piano to perform Marshmello’s track live. To support the melody, the users use gun-shots, jumps, fire-pits and a lot of other actions that can be performed in Fortnite. The video shows how amazing it is when creative and like-minded people come together to create something unique.

Other than playing a lot of Fortnite, Marshmello of course also continues to put out a lot of music. His latest release ‘Sell Out’ together with SVDDEN DEATH takes the producer back to his roots with some powerful and heavy dubstep beats.

Check out the video of Marshmello’s ‘Happier’ performed in Fortnite below.