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Sam Blacky – Summer Solstice [EP]

Los Angeles-based model, influencer, DJ and producer Sam Blacky has just released her first ever EP; a great groovy album titled ‘Summer Solstice‘ via her own imprint Stabby Records.

Samantha Black, originally from San Diego, was always a huge music lover but it wasn’t until she moved out to Australia that she discovered her huge passion for producing and DJing. Then, when she moved back to Los Angeles, it was when she decided to take her music career serious and started combining it with her modeling life. Since then, Sam has grown exponentially, securing over 120 shows a year, playing at some of the worlds’ best clubs and festivals.

In 2020, after the pandemic hit the live industry and put a hiatus on her tour schedule, Sam Blacky started a series of Youtube series called ‘A New World‘, where she plays her favourite music live at some beautiful and majestic places. Furthermore, as the pandemic reduce the tour schedule drastically, she also took the opportunity to lock up in the studio and produce unreal music that this year is seeing the light.

Since dropping her debut song ‘Too Late‘ earlier this year, Sam Blacky has released 4 more tracks ‘No More‘, ‘La Noche’, ‘Body‘ and ‘Paradise‘, which have been compiled in her latest and first-ever EP ‘Summer Solstice‘. These 5 tracks showcase a very refined and mature sound and sees the evolution of the artist that has worked hard building her own signature sound, coming up with this house music style influenced by tropical vibes. So far, the album has already wrapped up almost 300k streams in Spotify only and it will for sure keep growing its numbers, as the quality of these records is extremely high.

Listen to the newest EP by Sam Blacky ‘Summer Solstice’ below:

Image Credit: Sam Blacky (via website)

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