korg volca fm2 synth

Korg announces second generation Volca FM 2 Synth, the revival of a compact mini synth

Korg is a well-known brand for analog and digital synths, having helped to shape the sound of electronic music production immensely. Music producers around the world appreciate their distinctive and great sound. 6 years ago the first Yamaha DX7-inspired Korg Volca FM was released and it remains an industry favorite. The new Korg Volca FM 2 will come with some major upgrades, new features, and a strong taste of the future of FM synths.


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While the Korg Volca FM 2 still has the distinctive look from its originator, the new 3.5 mm Midi Adapter is a direct eye-catcher. It replaces the 5- Pin Adapter and gives the opportunity to use the compact synth with external gear and all DAWs. A new sensitive velocity control enhances the process of using the Volca FM 2 through MIDI controllers. Internally the major update brought significant changes. The portable mini synth features a strong battery and build in Speakers. In addition, Korg doubled the polyphonic voices from 3 to 6 voices to enhance the possibility for chords, basslines, or simple harmonies. It still has all the 32 classic Yamaha DX7 patches, which can now also be imported via a SysEX Dump system. The 16-step sequencer receives some updates too. With pattern randomization to auto-generate loops, Warp Active Step which alters the distribution of sequenced steps and a renewed arpeggiator Korg enhanced the creative possibilities of their FM synth. Furthermore, the internal memory card can now save up to 16 sequences and 32 presets, and the originator’s chorus effect is now paired with a lush reverb.


The second-gen compact FM synth can make use of Korg`s free online editor Synthmata, for precise editing of sequenced loops and its bundled software includes iZotope Ozone Elements, Reason Lite and various plugins from Korg and other companies. Expected Mid-May and a price that’s still to be confirmed Korg raised the bar of sequenced mini synth.



See more in the video below.


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Featured Image Credits: Korg