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It feels like a moment that was destined to happen since its initial release last year, as earlier this month, Illenium officially took home the Billboard Music Award for Best Dance/Electronic album with his fourth studio album, 'Fallen Embers.' “Thank you guys so much. I’ve never won an award before, so this is cool," said Illenium. The Billboard Music Awards accolade

It's been a few days since the annual Billboard Music Awards has occurred, and the industry is still talking about the incredible wins of several massive contributors in the Dance/Electronic Categories of the awards. This year there were several notable names within the Dance/Electronic categories, and the awards were swooped by the likes of Illenium, PNAU and Lady Gaga. This year's

After releasing ‘Wouldn’t Change A Thing’ with Thirty Seconds to Mars last week, ILLENIUM has dropped four additional tracks which bring together the deluxe version of his fourth studio album, 'Fallen Embers.' Each of the new tracks bring something completely different to the album, not to mention that each track covers a totally different genre from one another. Whether it be

Nick Miller, better known to the world as ILLENIUM, has just claimed yet another major scalp, collaborating with Los Angeles rock band Thirty Seconds to Mars. ‘Wouldn’t Change A Thing’, the band's first musical release in three years, is about a relationship not working out, but having no regrets and being satisfied with the eventual outcome. It captures both of the

The next chapter of the phoenix has officially begun as Illenium has released his highly anticipated 4th studio album, “Fallen Embers.” This project follows after the first three widely successful albums of Illenium’s discography “Ashes,” “Awake” and “Ascend,” and is the next story in his music tenure. The album consists of 14 tracks with 20 featured artists. Some songs have