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With collaborations far from few in the electronic dance industry, we always get that extra feeling of excitement when two heavyweights of the industry share further evidence of a long-awaited collaboration. As you may have guessed, this potential collaboration involves no other than Dutch sensation Martin Garrix, and German/Russian icon Zedd. Rumours of a potential collaboration have been circulating for quite

It feels like just yesterday that Martin Garrix took the stage of Ultra 2016 and unveiled his newest project that would soon become known as AREA21. A collaborative effort with his close friend and fellow songwriter Maejor, the AREA21 alias revealed a new side of Garrix by experimenting with a more hip-hop-centric sound blended with pop and EDM. Now, over

The long-awaited final details for the new AREA21 (Martin Garrix and Maejor) album have finally surfaced. The album will fall under the title of 'Greatest Hits Volume 1,' and will release on November 12th. It will display breathtaking cover art that is a drawing of Garrix and Maejor in their alien forms. Along with the announcement, the two dropped a new

Releasing one fire track after the other, AREA21 is back with their latest single ‘Lovin’ Every Minute.’ The duo formed by no other than Martin Garrix and Maejor has been blessing fans alike with each production under their project alias. Gearing up for the release of their debut album this fall, the duo have been working hard to provide a unique experience