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Haitian DJ and Producer Michael Brun explores his own new sounds and the sounds of Haiti in his debut album titled, ‘Lokal'. Michael, a native of Port-au-Prince, Haiti, is recognizable in EDM sounds and has had tracks featured by artists like Hardwell and Dirty South. Some of his tracks have been released on major labels including Revealed Recordings and Spinnin'

While his endless repository of production talent is well established in the Dance music industry, Michael Brun's productions hardly ever fail to surprise even when keen listeners finally thinks they have caught his flow. Take for example his latest double-release comprising of tracks ‘Jalouzi’ and ‘Soweto’, both, while part of the same release, are quite contrasting productions and are enjoyable in

Having dropped one of his first singles on Hardwell's label Revealed Records in 2011 and his hugely successful Gravity EP in 2013, Haiti born music tastemaker Michael Brun has enjoyed plenty of success since. Naturally gifted with an ear for electronic music, the 26-year-old has been showcasing his talent of blending EDM genres such as progressive house with his native Haitian styles rara and kompa. While

Haitian sensation Michael Brun has turned his brilliant music production skills to OneRepublic's hit 'Lift Me Up' for his brand new remix of the track. The Haitian producer first saw success when he had his song 'Dawn' released on Hardwell's Revealed Recordings. This gained the attention of Dirty South, who later worked with Michael on many different projects and generally helped him to get

It is often all to easy to overlook some of the most influential tracks in artists career's, especially those of Dirty South and Michael Brun. Two of the most reputed and respected acts on the electronic dance music scene today, their first formal collaboration together reaped great reward. Following their first work together on Dirty South's edit of "Rise", their debut

Another week has gone by and that means it's time to release our updated weekly selection from Spotify, showcasing our favourite releases of the week from the electronic dance music world. We have it covered in all areas, from trap to deep house! Last week we saw major releases enter the playlist, such as Don Diablo's latest hit 'Cutting Shapes', Kaskade and

Michael Brun is one of the scene's most consistent performers. Hailing from the isle of Haiti, the globe-trotting DJ has impressed many of the industry's elite with his artistic and crafted studio production. Having only released "Summer Dreams" with Marcio Lama last month, Michael Brun's latest track is another masterpiece that can line up along side other notable portfolio hit of his, including

Michael Brun has one of the most reputable status' in the industry. And for good reason. The well-intentioned, sweet-natured DJ and Producer has a following that not only adores his production, but also his character. So when new material is released, people stop and listen. After successful hits such as "Sun In Your Eyes", "Wherever I Go" and "Tongue Tied July" in

Michael Brun is undoubtedly Haiti's best dance music export, and arguably the island nation's top musical performer on the global scene in recent times. At only 24 years of age, Brun has amassed almost 5 years experience since he emerged onto the scene through Hardwell's Revealed Recordings. Going on to work closely alongside mentor figure Dirty South under his Phazing label,

Michael Brun has been one of the most prominent producers to date giving us hits such as Sun in your eyes as well as his monstrous remix of Burn Forever. Known for his mainly progressive and anthemic sound, the Haitian producer has given us something a bit different with his latest release. "Wherever I go" shows us a much softer sound