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After Dutch powerhouse DJ and producer Nicky Romero introduced his Monocule alter ego to the world last year, it became a platform for his darker progressive productions like the brand new release 'You Don't Know' out now via Protocol Recordings. On the lead single from his upcoming 'Monocule Volume 2' EP, Nicky dives deep into his progressive subconscious. 'You Don't Know' is yet another masterpiece

There’s no doubt that Nicky Romero is one of the biggest stars in electronic dance music. The things that he’s done in his career so far have been monumental, and his success has inspired many. With the start of his new Monocule alias, there’s a lot for him to be excited about, and he’s as busy as ever. With a new

Having established himself within the industry as one of the world's finest electronic artists, Dutch pioneer Nicky Romero has truly earned his place atop the ranks. With a diverse and far-reaching discography, he has excelled time and time again, never faltering from his consistent prestige quality in production. Now, the Dutchman has changed the game once again, debuting a brand