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Since the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic, all music festivals and parties have resorted to virtual methods of keeping fans engaged through live streams and sets. As the situation regarding the lockdown period is slowly easing up and countries are starting to re-open, an open-air club in Germany organized a socially distant party where everyone in the crowd was separated

Night Time Industries Association released a new survey, highlighting how the COVID-19 "has left the industry in an untenable position" in the UK night-life scene. Moreover, it will be "financially unviable" to implement social distancing in clubs, bars, and music venues. 130 different businesses were surveyed and believe that there is not enough guidance, or that without government assistance they will be

Clubs in South Korea will begin to open as social distancing measures ease. While it seems as if the news of the fate of our festival season and our favorite nightclubs has been never-ending, we're excited to report that something exciting is underway.  This past weekend, Seoul, South Korea reopened nightclubs as the South Korean government continues to relax its social