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Spitfire Audio offers up-and-coming producers to show their skills in the major new scoring competition with DC entertainment and composer Pinar Toprak. Pinar Toprak is the composer behind some state-of-the-art music used in Captain Marvel, Fortnite, and DC's Krypton. Last year Spitfire Audio got over 11,000 entries for their Westworld competition they hosted, and this year they are back with another

As a music producer, you might be well aware of some of the most popular synth plugins such as Serum, Diva, Massive, Sylenth, etc. Most of the synth plugins today are based on oscillator-based synthesis. Phobos by Spitfire which is designed by electronic music pioneer, BT, drifted away from the usual oscillator-based synthesis and provided a whole new dimension to

Albion One was one of the most successful Spitfire libraries and now Spitfire has released the second edition continuing the legacy of the old one. The 73 GB library is full of high-quality curated samples that one would desire while creating an epic modern cinematic score. Down below is our review of the newly released Albion Solstice by Spitfire.   | Best

Spitfire Audio released a brand new plugin to their Originals series called Cinematic Pads. This plugin consists of a 2.7Gb library which is exclusively recorded from symphonic orchestral recordings captured at AIR Studios, London. Down below is our review of the plugin.   Features When first opening up the Cinematic Pads plugin, you are met by a clean-looking interface with a few knobs

Spitfire Audio released Mrs. Mills Piano as a successor to their immaculate series of Hans Zimmer piano, Firewood piano, and the Orchestral Grand piano. Mrs. Mills Piano was released on March 25, this year, in name of the British pianist Gladys Mills. Down below is our review of the plugin.   | Maddix Sounds Of The Tribe Sample Pack Giveaway - Participate   Features Spitfire,