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Fans around the globe have come to know deadmau5 as a producer who drops new music at a dazzling rate of output, sometimes even releasing several albums in a year. Yet, fans haven't seen or heard any new music from the Canadian producer for the entirety of 2018, besides his amazing 'where's the drop?' LP, which actually contained classically reworked

deadmau5's highly anticipated full orchestral album, 'where's the drop?' has finally been released. The 15 track-album, produced on a full orchestral scale, was released exclusively on the streaming platform Tidal. Consisting of 15 tracks, including new versions of 'Strobe', 'Imaginary Friends', 'Coelacanth', 'HR 8938 Cephei' and more,  Joel Zimmerman's latest album epitomizes what it means to be different. In celebration of the album release, on Saturday,