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iZotope Black Friday deals on Plugins & Bundles [2023]

iZotope has consistently led the industry in providing high-quality plugins catering to creators and producers across the mixing and mastering journey. While the price of these plugins might pose a challenge for emerging producers, now is an opportune time to explore their offerings. The company has just unveiled its latest set of deals for early Black Friday savings, presenting a remarkable chance to save up to 75% on some of iZotope’s finest and most potent VST plugins. Here, we’ll delve into the standout deals and highlight the must-grab VST Plugins for this Black Friday and Cyber Monday.


Best Black Friday Deals on iZotope VST Plugins


1. Ozone 11 Advanced – Now €329.25, was €439 (€109.75 off)

Ozone 11 streamlines the path to a professional master, offering greater speed and personalization. Match your sound to chart-topping tunes using the new stem Focus modes, Transient / Sustain mode, Clarity Module, and the newborn Assistive Vocal Balance. Make the most of Ozone 11 to elevate the quality of your releases. It stands out as one of the best early Black Friday deals on VST plugins to seize.





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2. Neutron 4 – Now €134.50, was €269 (€134.50 off)

Neutron 4 enables smarter and swifter mixing without disrupting your creative flow. Harnessing the power of AI assistive technology, eight robust plug-ins synergize to create a cutting-edge, intelligent mixing platform. Experience a powerhouse audio-mixing software equipped with 7 customizable component modules, allowing seamless individual use or dynamic combinations within the mothership for crafting your unique sound. Complementing this are the Visual Mixer, Relay, and Tonal Balance Control 2 plugins, designed to elevate and streamline your mixing journey. Brace for an array of enhancements including a new unmask module, exciter module, compressor module, sculpting improvements, and a plethora of other exciting additions.




3. RX 10 Standard – Now €219.50, was €439 (€219.50 off)

RX 10 Standard is your complete arsenal for audio cleanup, perfect for both post-production and music applications. This comprehensive toolkit provides a blend of essential first aid and creative tools. From surgically rebalancing stereo mixes with Music Rebalance to seamlessly eliminating noise via the clever Repair Assistant plug-in within your DAW, RX 10 offers a spectrum of professional-grade features. This all-in-one package boasts 16 modules, 13 utilities, and 15 plug-ins, catering to audio restoration needs in both music and post-production realms.




While these individual deals are great for mixing, post-production, and mastering, iZotope is also offering three superb deals on bundles.

iZotope Black Friday deals on Plugin Bundles

1. iZotope Everything Bundle – Now €2,054.25, was €2,739 (€684.75 off)

This package encompasses all the essential tools required across every stage of audio production and editing. Originally priced at €2,739, it’s now on sale for just €2,054.25. Elevate your creative productions to new heights and unlock the full potential of your mixing, mastering skills, and sound quality. This bundle features the latest advancements including Ozone 11 Advanced, Nectar 4 Advanced, RX 10 Advanced, and a host of other powerful tools.


2. Music Production Suite 6 – Now €494.25, was €659 (€164.75 off)

Certainly, not every creator requires every plugin in the bundle. Some might already possess certain iZotope suite products or may not require all the mastering tools. In such cases, they can consider the Music Production Suite 6. This package includes 12 plugins including the new Ozone 11 Advanced, Nectar 4 Advanced, Neutron 4, Native Instruments Guitar Rig 7 Pro, and much more. As an addition, you’ll receive exponential Audio iLok license codes, a Brainworx serial number, a Guitar Rig Pro 7 serial number, and a Native Instruments effects serial code.


3. RX Post Production Suite 7.5 – Now €974.50, was €1,949 (€974.50 off)

iZotope has unveiled a significant discount on their RX Post Production Suite 7.5, a robust collection crafted to enhance and restore audio, now available at a 50% discount, priced at just €974.50, reduced from €1,949. This suite serves as the essential post-production tool you’ll depend on for every session. It aids in noisy production audio, breathing life into stories, and delivering final outputs at precise specifications. Included within are RX 10 Advanced, Neutron 4 Advanced, Dialogue Match, Insight 2 Metering, and much more.

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