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Music Marketing Inc. Partners with Group Technologies

Music Marketing Inc., a prominent player in the music software and hardware distribution sector, has significantly enhanced its market presence in Australia, New Zealand, and Oceania. The company has publicly announced a strategic partnership with Group Technologies Australasia PTY LTD, marking them as the exclusive marketing center for this thriving region. The affiliation between Music Marketing Inc. and Group Technologies Australasia PTY LTD has been a cornerstone of both companies’ journeys for over 20 years. This history of collaboration has solidified their synergy and expertise in the music industry, thriving on a shared commitment to growth, education, and progress within the sector. 


One of Music Marketing Inc.’s standout features is its dedication to fostering growth and education in the music industry. The company serves as a hub for comprehensive training and demonstration, boasting the largest facility of its kind in Australia. “With opportunities flooding in, the time is perfect for engaging new partnerships in this important region; Group Technologies has established a reputation in Australasia of excellence, trust, and reliability,” – Ray Williams, President of Music Marketing Inc.


In a stride to revolutionize music distribution, the company has recently launched the XCHANGE HD service. Positioned as a next-generation distribution network, the XCHANGE HD service incorporates an intricate network of Logistics Centers. “We are delighted to be partnering with XCHANGE. In such a rapidly evolving landscape, XCHANGE HD presents a fresh distribution perspective. We are excited to bring the Music Marketing family of brands to our well-established dealer base and further develop the region.” – Scott Jamieson, Product Manager at Group Technologies. 


These centers are strategically contracted to offer warehousing and fulfillment services as needed. This innovative approach to distribution not only streamlines processes but also ensures a seamless user experience. Music Marketing Inc.’s collaboration with Group Technologies Australasia PTY LTD represents a pivotal moment in the music industry’s trajectory within the region. The blend of expertise, vision, and shared values promises a future where music continues to thrive and evolve.


Image Credits: Music Marketing Inc.

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