Elektron syntakt

Meet Syntakt, the new hybrid groovebox from Elektron

Elektron is a Swedish product development company that specializes in portable instruments. Their range of samplers, synthesizers, drum machines and sound processors is well-known within the music industry, used by many artists such as Aphex Twin, Thom Yorke, and Timbaland. As a follow-up to their Digitone synthesizer and Digitakt sampler, Elektron has now released Syntakt.


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Syntakt is based on a combination of 4 worlds: digital, analog, drums, and synthesis. As a result of this fusion, Syntakt is born. This hybrid drum computer & synthesizer holds up to 4 analog and 8 digital tracks that can be used for melodies, percussions, and even bass sounds. A total of 10 selectable instruments are available on the digital tracks: 1x bass drum, 2x snare drum, 1x cymbal/hi-hat, 1x percussion, 1x clap, and 4x tonal synths. Elektron is known for incorporating powerful processing units inside their products, which you can use to shape or deform any sound. Use the built-in digital overdrive, multimode filter, base-width filter, and 2 assignable LFOs per digital track to achieve a professional sounding sound straight away. The analog tracks are divided into 3x analog drum tracks and 1x analog cymbal track. Choose between 6x bass drums, 4x snare drums, 2x rimshots, 1x dual VCO synth, 1x impulse, and 1x noise generator for the analog drum tracks. Add an overdrive, multimode filter, or 2x assignable LFOs to each drum track. For the cymbal track, you can choose between 5x hi-hats, 3x cymbals, 2x cowbells, 1x impulse, and 1x noise generator. The same overdrive, multimode filter, or 2x assignable LFOs are available to shape your sounds. Furthermore, there is a 1x FX track incorporated where you can add delay/reverb, analog stereo overdrive, analog stereo multimode filter, and 2x assignable LFOs that can be assigned to each track. A 64-step sequencer per pattern and track is included, where you can control the individual pattern length per track, individual time scale, parameter lock, retrig, and micro timing.


Inside the box, you’ll find a power supply PSU-3c, an Elektron USB cable, a quick guide, and exclusive artwork & stickers. The Elektron Syntakt is available for a price of $999.



Have a look at the groovebox down below:

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