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TikTok Music launches in Brazil and Indonesia

TikTok, the popular short-form video platform known for its viral dances, lip-syncing challenges, and creative content, is expanding its horizons with a second attempt in the world of music streaming. With its vast user base and unique algorithm-driven recommendations, TikTok has positioned itself as a game-changer in the music industry. Entitled TikTok Music, the new streaming platform will first be made available to consumers in Brazil and Indonesia. This move not only solidifies its influence in the digital landscape but also presents new opportunities for artists and listeners alike. Since its launch in 2016, TikTok has become a breeding ground for music trends, propelling songs from obscurity to the top of the charts. Its innovative algorithm suggests songs and sound bites to users based on their interests and viewing habits, turning tracks into viral sensations overnight. Recognizing its power to shape the music industry, TikTok’s foray into music streaming seems like a natural progression.


Building upon its existing music licensing agreements, TikTok is set to leverage its massive music catalog (including the likes of Universal Music Group, Warner Music Group, and Sony Music) and user engagement to create a unique music streaming experience. This move not only allows users to discover and enjoy music directly on the platform but also presents a new revenue stream for artists and record labels. TikTok Music will combine the traditional functionality of music streaming software while integrating social features such as connecting and engaging with other users.


TikTok Music promises an enhanced music discovery experience for its users. The platform’s algorithm, known for its ability to surface personalized content, will now curate playlists, recommend songs, and tailor recommendations based on user preferences. This personalized approach to music streaming may challenge established players in the industry and potentially revolutionize how listeners discover new artists and tracks. Furthermore, the platform’s algorithmic nature means that emerging artists with unique sounds and styles have a better chance of being discovered, leveling the playing field and offering a more democratic approach to music promotion.


TikTok’s parent company, ByteDance, will be discontinuing its original attempt at breaking into music streaming, Resso, effective September 5th. The company will offer all users a 1-month free trial to the new platform. As TikTok continues to evolve, it is clear that its impact on the music industry will only grow stronger, influencing the way we discover, consume, and enjoy music in the digital age.


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Image credit: Solen Feyissa (Unsplash)

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