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Budweiser is back after immediately selling out their latest NFT collection of the most iconic heritage cans. This time, they are pushing NFTs into the music industry by spotlighting and supporting 22 emerging artists with the release of their collection of 11,000 NFTs. Each artist will be releasing 500 NFTs allowing fans to directly support the artist while gaining exclusive perks which

Musicians' Union surveyed musicians from the U.K. amidst the pandemic and the results are haunting. One third of respondents are "considering abandoning their career in music" due the COVID-19 pandemic. 34% of the musicians surveyed are considering abandoning their artistic careers, while 37% are not sure what to do. Undoubtedly, the pandemic has hit the entertainment industry the hardest. With it

Berlin booking agencies have come together to call for aid for all live acts that have been affected by the current global pandemic, which has caused the cancellation of festivals and shows across the globe. Approximately 70 different agencies have joined together in order to get the grant. Their union is called Booking United. Booking United published a formal letter to the

The mega streaming platform Spotify has developed and launched a brand new feature called 'Artist Fundraising Pick' that will allow fans to make donations directly to their chosen artists or worthy causes in order to help them in this tough period for the music industry. Besides thousands of industries that have been damaged by this pandemic, our beloved music industry has definitely

Just like connoisseurs, DJs have their own market. The single biggest place where DJs and artists head to check out new music, buy records to add their collections and support their colleagues is none other then the mammoth marketplace known as Beatport. It's been the largest market source for new music for the past several years, hosting several exclusive releases and extended

Cocoon has announced all the artists joining Sven Väth for this year's glorious 2017 season. The Monday night party returns for its 18th season at the superclub Amnesia.  During the past fortnight, the hosts have been dropping some of the bigger names over social media via their Facebook. Renowned Adam Beyer and Ilario Alicante are confirmed for seven dates a piece over the Cocoon calendar. Ricardo Villalobos is set for

With the recent decision to cancel TomorrowWorld 2016 due to reasons that were being anticipated, all eyes have now shifted towards Belgium, where Tomorrowland is touted to be doing it's best to outshine other festivals of its stature. And with the big announcements for Ultra Festival Miami chiming in, the announcement of Tomorrowland's first phase weren't far away. For many, this