Calvin Harris reveals earliest musical inspiration

Scotland isn’t particularly known for having a wealth of electronic music artists. Though the country is small and often overshadowed by its neighbours England, it does have one export that is most likely the country’s most well known citizens. Adam Wiles began producing over 10 years ago now, but since then has gone on to conquer the world of electronic, chart, and more recently funk music. A household name across the world for his mind blowing tracks, that artist that developed from Adam Wiles into Calvin Harris is a true legend in the industry. His well respected position at the top of most rankings has come through years of hard work, innovation, and more predominantly creating bangers for the world’s ears. Now, fresh off the back of even more success with ‘One Kiss‘ which has spent longer atop the Shazam Charts in 2018 than any other track, Calvin has opened up about his early musical influences.

Speaking recently with The Scottish Sun newspaper, Wiles has revealed how his older brother’s interest in Nirvana led to him checking the legendary band out for himself. This led to learning the bass line to ‘Lithium‘ on a guitar he was given for Christmas at the age of 8. Furthermore, the album ‘Emergency On Planet Earth‘ has also provided plenty of inspiration for the Scot, with the Jamiroquai album being described as “unreal and still is amazing” by Calvin Harris himself.

The 34-year-old recently explored different sounds from his wider known electronic stance, by taking a stab at funk-driven tracks, with great success. Funk Wav Bounces Vol. 1 was released with huge chart outreach, in particularly ‘Slide‘ and ‘Feels‘ holding high rankings amongst the releases of the same time.

Though a common myth resides over the electronic artists of today about their ability to actually play an instrument, it is certain that Calvin Harris defies this entirely. Take a look at Calvin creating his hit track ‘Slide‘ in a monumental display of skill and creativity:

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