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It’s hard to deny the impact of Daft Punk on electronic music. The two incredible Frenchmen now have a career spanning over 20 years in electronic music, and it’s safe to say they’ve shook things up more than once. Back in January 1997 the group dropped their now seminal debut album Homework, which changed the game of house music forever and built the

Being considered one of the best electronic music records released and having cult status in the scene, Daft Punk - 'One More Time' was released on November 30th, 2019. Produced by the French duo that was formed in 1993 in Paris, the track was initially released as single but also included in the famous 'Discovery' album by the duo on February 26th, 2001 along with

Italian record label Casa Rossa has just unveiled a marvelous release from well-established talents Richard Grey and Steven Rod. The pair showed off their creativity and versatility with their official remakes of Daft Punk's classic 2000 hit "One More Time". Grey and Rod released their productions under three different electronic music sub-genres, including house, big room, and tribal. The house version