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Nicky Romero has landed an outstanding electro house remix of John Dahlbäck's 2008 release entitled "Pyramid". 3 years after the tracks original release, Dutch heavyweight Nicky Romero has delivered a masterful remix of John Dahlbäck's popular melodic number "Pyramid". Injecting relentless new energy into the track, Romero crafts additional atmosphere around the original with a classic combination of bass, percussion and synth-work. The remix drives

Amnesia has just announced they will be holding an open-air show in partnership with Pyramid and Do Not Sleep, in London at The Drumsheds, September 3rd, 2021. Amnesia presents Pyramid, an all-day and all-night bash featuring a dual-stage setup with both indoor and outdoor (open-air) stages in an effort to bring Ibiza to London for the first time since their sold-out