PASC has a new single released on PYRO Records, entitled "There It Is" in collaboration with Jey Aux Platines. A combination of hardstyle that comes rave-ready, and flourishes of tech house, the infectious new single charts new territory for the rising talent. "There It Is" begins with thumbing beats, ushering in a clattering cacophony of apocalyptic blaring horns. A spoken word

Out under the esteemed record label, NCS, 22-year-old producer, Facading, has delivered a moment of midtempo sorcery, with his intoxicating new single 'Freefalling'. Renowned for his archetypal, dark electronic vibes, the NCS mainstay hailing from Norway, has quickly found his feet within midtempo field. Much to the joy of his avid followers, 'Freefalling' provides everything and more within a finely polished mix as