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Solardo have teamed up with E11EVN to create atmospherical bliss. The collaboration of the two British names is an expansive fusion of styles, crafted for massive crowds and big stages. 'So Far So Good' would be an understatement to describe Solardo's career. Let's put aside their astronomical success and meteoric rise and focus solely on 2022, which isn't even halfway through

Enhancing his presence at any given chance, ALWZ SNNY has just blessed fans alike with the most captivating of productions, entitled 'Fairytale.' Teaming up once more with hip-hop creator Sincerely Collins, this latest release will most definitely have listeners feeling some type of way, as the eclectic mix of genres further amplifies the undeniable musical chemistry between both set of

As the latest Flume album 'Palaces' is due to be released next month on May 20, the album rollout is continuing with the latest single release in the form of a collaboration with Caroline Polachek titled 'Sirens'. With his incredibly unique soundscape that has been built and shaped over many iconic releases over the years, the Australian producer is showing that there's

Norwegian electronic duo Röyksopp continue to spread magic, delivering a brand-new dreamy single. 'Breathe' is the result of an all-Norwegian partnership that brings together Röyksopp with fellow artist Astrid S, who lends her velvety voice to this absorbing new release from the duo. 'Breathe' is the latest extract from 'Profound Mysteries' and is available now on the usual platforms, via

More or less expected, more or less unlikely, the year 2022 is being rich in good music and also in major collaborations. The latest protagonists of a stunning partnership are the Dutchmen Armin van Buuren and R3HAB. These two dance music giants have come together to release a catchy crossover track, designed to make you dream about summer. 'Love We

Norwegian electronic duo Röyksopp are back with another exciting release. 'This Time, This Place' is the latest single from this veteran duo, now available to enjoy on the usual platforms via Dog Triumph Profound Mysteries. In 2014, this two-head musical monster released 'The Inevitable End', an LP that was intended to be Röyksopp's big farewell to the traditional album format. And

Danish musician, composer, producer, performer, and dreamer Trentemøller releases his sixth studio album. ‘Memoria' is at the same time a collection of refreshing melodic concepts and references to some remarkable themes. The 14-track body of work is now out via Trentemøller's own label In My Room. Highs and lows, light and dark, fast and slow, back and forth. Trentemøller again delivers