Synth pop singer I Am Boleyn is one of the most unique artists that you may not have heard of yet. Her fresh take on electro-pop is fuelled by the vibe of the 80s with a tinge of futurism, blending old with modern for a completely new sound that is rimmed with feelings of nostalgia and summery vibes. Writing songs ever

Masked duo The Reindeers are two producers hailing from Switzerland. Fresh on the scene, they stepped foot onto their musical path in April of 2018 but being new has never discouraged them in any way shape or form. Their interest in the sweet sound that uplifting house gives off is what inspired them to create music in the first place and they

French producer Nakhu, based in Paris, has just another single, followed by his previous record 'Mirage'. 'Phantom' is the second release of Benjamin, better known by Nakhu and is a mix of 'Future Bounce' and 'Progressive House' as he describes. As we are shifting towards the winter months of the year, the track is perfect to enjoy the last sunny days

Despite the love of different genres of music, mysterious DJ and producer Magnet Riv remains an ardent supporter of the progressive/big room genres. Though you can catch him playing funky house, tech house, electro, future-jack, bass house & future house, the versatile producer is a man of many talents, and so it shows with new single 'It's Time.' Teleporting us back

An innovative initiative to let people's interests bring them closer in ways that have previously been less institutionalized, England-based Verve is using the drive of those among the festival goers age group to help share travel experiences, musical events, festivals and other opportunities with like minded youths. Keeping in line with their main objective, Verve launched Pollen - an initiative unlike

Russian producers Denis First & Reznikov make their debut on Ultra Records with their new pop/dance crossover track 'Taking Off'. The track delivers soaring, euphoric violin melodies combined with a gently undulating bassline and soulful feminine vocals - the formulaic grand trifecta for a summertime hit. The track follows Denis First & Reznikov's recent original releases 'Shameless', 'Move On', 'Heart Away' and 'Empty'. Talking a bit about the track,

Teaming up with Max Landry on vocals, JOHN (aka Måns Persson) has dropped his new single 'A Million Times'. A 20 year old DJ and Producer from Ekeby, Sweden, it all started back in 2017 for JOHN when he started playing at weddings, clubs and private parties across southern Sweden. In 2018, JOHN joined the Agency Disco Company from Helsingborg,