Industry giant Roland has announced the release of the Aerophone AE-20, a digital wind instrument that will be the latest in a line of such innovative instruments from the Japanese company. Described by Roland as "[delivering] all the playability and expression of the flagship Aerophone Pro in a more compact and streamlined design", the AE-20 puts 250 acoustic and electronic sounds

Music software developers Session Loops recently released their new R&B Guitar Pack Series, consisting of nine packs (Are & Be, Illusion Upside Down, In Full Bloom, The Past is No Longer Recalled, Interstellar Train, Lingering Light of the Setting Sun, Mask Off, Delicious but Poisonous, and Shrine of Emptiness) all centered around contemporary R&B and its various subgenres.   | The Essential:

Living in the modern world means being constantly exposed to loud noises. Find out about the best smartphone decibel meter apps to take care of your hearing.  What Is A Sound Meter App A sound meter app is an application programmed to pick up surrounding noises and evaluate the level of sound. A sound level meter app is a more convenient solution

A few months back Cableguys launched the latest module to their flagship plugin ShaperBox 2, The NoiseShaper. Right from its launch, it has created quite some buzz among music producers and plugin critics. David Guetta also shared a video of him using the module and showing its enormous capabilities. After trying out the plugin for quite some time ourselves, we

Apashe is a Brussels-born, now Montreal-based music producer. Having earned a respectable status within the bass music industry, Apashe is currently one of the most sought-after and successful musicians in this sub-genre. His unique sound involves an amalgamation of various epic elements of electronic music, film scores and classical symphonies. His tracks have been featured in multiple Hollywood movie trailers