EVE Audio released a new piece of gear at which we're excited to share all of the newest specifications with you. This new studio monitor, called the SC2070, is the newest in line with the Midfield series. It's the bigger brother of the SC207 monitor, but besides the appearance, they've added and improved a lot of functionalities. Have a look down

YouTube is a gold mine when it comes to accessible education. Whether you're a bedroom musician or a professional artist, you'll find information based on any kind of subject within the realm of music. From now on, the larger platforms such as Mix with the Masters or Masterclass have competition- at least for learning composition.   | HOT DEAL: New Sound of Techno (Melodic

What are Studio Monitors? Studio monitors are loudspeakers that are used in recording studios, production rooms, and other professional audio environments. They are intended to reproduce sound accurately and provide a flat frequency response, allowing engineers, producers, and musicians to hear audio as it truly is, free of coloration or distortion. This aids in critical mix decisions and the creation of

While the anticipation has been building it for some time now, it seems that producers who are looking to add new Behringer gear to their collection won't have to wait much longer.  First announced around May 2022, the compact AKS Mini synth is almost here. Created as a smaller, more affordable version of the highly popular VCS3 synthesizer, Behringer is hoping

Spitfire Audio is a leading production company when it comes to translating real-life instruments into digital instruments. What first started with a release of a single instrument grew up to be one of the biggest library-based companies in the field of movie scores. 'A series of instant writing tools', called Originals, has a newcomer. Introducing Spitfire Originals: Rare Flute.   | HOT DEAL: New

KSHMR is a DJ/Producer, songwriter, musician, and label owner of Dharma. His heavy drops and uplifting melodies, with a touch of Asian influences, have put him at the forefront of dance music since 2014. Whether you attended some of his live performances or you're a fan of his music, you'll be impressed by the quality of his music. Many tutorials,