While making music, it's important to capture the best sound quality whether you are recording vocals, guitars, or just playing your tracks over the speakers. Your laptop isn't built to achieve the best sounding result, that's why audio interfaces have been built. They are specially made to reduce distortion or any other side effects that come with the conversion of

If you like to appreciate nuance in music whilst enjoying the crackle of an old vinyl but don't have the budget to fork out for a top-of-the-line turntable, Technics now has the solution to your woes. Unveiling the Technics SL-100C not long ago, the pioneer company has taken some of their signature, high quality features and has brought them down

Arturia has been designing and manufacturing electronic musical instruments, as well as emulating the best synthesizers ever made. They have just released the new Arturia "Pigments 3" following some huge success with their existing Pigments series. The softsynth works as a standalone app so you can use it to play live with a keyboard controller, or a plugin in your DAW.  Pigments has released 3 new lofi sample packs. The bundle contains a wide collection of melodies, guitar loops, and piano compositions. Cymatics has also released a free teaser pack along with it. | The Best Vocal Samples - Check Out  The bundle contains 3 sample packs, Gems Vol 22 - Lofi Melodies, Lofi - Guitar Loops Vol 2 & Boom - Piano Compositions. Gems Vol 22

If your aspirations include music production and learning all things digital music, a new Digital Music Masterclass hosted by Nicky Romero and FaderPro is ready to welcome your onboard. Record producer Romero has teamed up with FaderPro, a virtual music education platform focused on the world of electronic dance music, to present a brand new three-part series masterclass that sees the Dutchman deliver several hours

Samples & Plugin Marketplace, Splice which is widely known among music producers across the globe has expanded into a different spectrum. For the very first time, Splice has announced a Discord Beat Battle, a competition for beat producers that will be judged by GRAMMY-nominated producer Rvssian.  Producers who want to join the Splice Discord Beat Battle will receive 5 samples from

Besides being known for creating some of the greatest film scores for movies such as Interstellar, The Dark Night, and Inception, Hans Zimmer time and again has delivered some remarkable pieces for various commercials. Hans Zimmer joined forces with the mobile development company 'Oppo' for creating a ringtone for one of its latest models 'Find X3 Pro'. Oppo announced their collaboration,