Adding background elements to your tracks or adding in some FX to make the transitions more interesting can sometimes be the deciding factor that keeps the listener engaged while listening to your track. This article will go through some tips and tricks on how to make your tracks sound more interesting with FX and background sounds.   Background sounds Background sounds can be

Regular compression is often used to get more controlled dynamics in a certain signal but it is often overused by upcoming music producers. When overused it can really make your instruments sound over-processed and very flat, this is where parallel compression comes in. Parallel compression is a technique when you're duplicating a signal and compressing it heavily (in most cases)

A compressor is a tool that is used to reduce the dynamic range between the quietest and loudest parts of an audio signal. It operates by increasing the volume of the quiet parts and reducing the volume of the loud ones making the audio a bit more consistent in the process. Looking at the compressor can be overwhelming sometimes especially

Since the kick and bass is the foundation of almost every dance track, you want to hear these elements just as much as the other instruments no matter what sound system you're on. Through this article, we discuss the importance of the lower midbass in your tracks. You will also learn how to make a powerful bassline that cuts through

For some people, a piano is just a piano. And for some, a piano is much more than "just a piano". Just like there are different kinds of music genres, there are different kinds of pianos within the word "piano" which is leading us to explain the three most common piano types currently used in music production.     The Grand Piano The largest

Most of us now can't imagine life without a mobile phone, which allows us to have express contact with friends and family, and access countless mobile applications that improve everyday life, kill boredom or allow us to work from anywhere in the world. Everyone for whom music production is the biggest passion in life would like to devote all their

With the internet being widely accessible nowadays, you'll find every aspect of music production online ranging from quick tips & tricks to complete track deconstructions. There are tons of artists who are regularly streaming and sharing videos on Twitch/Youtube discussing every single aspect of music production. Shortlisting from a wide variety of Youtube channels related to music production we have

One of the most important aspects of the music-making process is music theory. While there are so many tools available right now to help you combat the lack of music theory knowledge, it still helps a lot to have at least a certain amount of knowledge of theoretical knowledge. If you're a music producer and trying to figure out the

Thomas Bangalter en Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo, also known as Daft Punk, are pushing the boundaries within the dance music scene since 1993. These Grammy award-winning producers are well known for their hits like One More Time, Around The World, Get Lucky, Harder Better Faster Stronger, I Feel It Coming, and many more. On February 22nd they decided to break up after 28

Ableton Live is one of the most potent DAW's (digital audio workstations) out there alongside Logic, Cubase, and FL Studio. Ableton Live distinguishes itself from all the other DAW's by its powerful interface to perform live. Connect every synthesizer, midi keyboard, sequencer, and drum pad easily to Ableton and you are ready to go. Ableton's interface is all about improving