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The American artist project Complexion of Sound has been making its way towards the top tier of the electronic music industry by combining with the finest vocalists, producers, engineers, and songwriters across the globe over the past few months. As a collaborative showcase of artistry and musicianship, the project has served as the brains behind some extremely hit songs composed of elements

Italian duo DJs From Mars has just surprised dance lovers community with a spicy remix of David Guetta and SIA’s hot tune ‘Let’s Love’. The smash hit born from the powerful collaboration between the chameleonic and awards accumulator DJ/music producer David Guetta and the most solicited voice in the music industry SIA, it’s a worldwide (and beyond) success. Without wanting

The American online electronic music-focused store Beatport has been a massive online presence for a long time now. Founded in 2004, it sells full songs, resources that can used for remixes and more to help DJs and producers. Their music collection is expansive, and now they're branching out even more with the launch of their dance/electro pop genre categories. The dance/electro pop launch