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For dance music enthusiasts, it is always exciting to hear great music when watching films and TV. Not only will this bring a certain energy to what you are watching and hold your interest, but often you will find that it is a great way to discover some new music. So, what are a few Netflix films that have good

To celebrate the 40-year anniversary of the original TRON movie, Disney announced new vinyl pressings of all the franchise's soundtrack albums. This includes the original TRON's score composed by legendary Wendy Carlos, 2010's 'TRON:Legacy' score composed by Daft Punk and the 2011 remix album 'TRON:Legacy Reconfigured', which included reworks of music from M83, Avicii, The Glitch Mob and many others. The

With 77.9 million monthly listeners on Spotify at time of writing, The Weeknd’s monster tracks ‘Starboy’ with Daft Punk and ‘Blinding Lights’ have just recently become diamond certified by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA). For a track to be certified as diamond, it must have moved over 10 million units; one unit is equivalent to one song sale, or

A special "multi-sensory" Daft Punk exhibit will begin in LA next month for two nights only on April 8th and 9th.  The new exhibit will take place in a replica of the signature Daft Punk helmet that is about 12,000 square feet to allow for a full 360 degrees of projection mapping.  The dome-like arena is set to hold thousands

On February 22nd 2021, the house music and industry pioneers Daft Punk announced their heartbreaking split after a 28-year prosperous career. The duo broke the news by uploading a short video to their official YouTube channel titled ‘Epilogue’ with their long time publicist Kathryn Frazier confirming the news shortly after. Due to their incredible legacy, hundreds of artists and millions

It's been one year since Daft Punk announced their retirement and while there has been some good news surrounding the duo, it also looks like Daft Punk's iconic helmets may soon become a LEGO collectible. In January 2021, a creator named Eliot O'Brien submitted a model idea of the signature Daft Punk helmets to the LEGO submission website where people all over

The French electronic duo Daft Punk are two of the most legendary and inspiring people within the industry. Forming in 1993, the pair broke numerous records and musical boundaries throughout their 28-year career. Releasing four studio albums and numerous singles, one album that always becomes a topic on music enthusiasts discussion is that of the duos debut album 'Homework', released

On 3 December 2010, the legendary French electronic duo Daft Punk released to the world their first and only movie soundtrack score created for the Disney movie Tron: Legacy. Upon its release, the score received critical acclaim and incredible award wins including a 54th Grammy Award nomination for Best Score Soundtrack for Visual Media. Over 11 years later and although the