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Since Daft Punk split up earlier this year, sales of official merchandise have understandably gone through the roof (like a special Japanese edition of 'Homework' on vinyl selling for $2,380 or a limited edition vinyl of 'Random Access Memories' selling for $2,139) but there's a recently discovered listing (H/T EDM.com) that has surfaced on eBay that seems to be breaking all the price barriers - and for good

On July 11, 2011, Madeon released his legendary "Pop Culture" mashup which undeniably jump-started his career to where this electronic music icon is today. Taking to his official Instagram account to officially celebrate 10 years since he has released this eclectic mashup, Madeon shares " ten years ago I uploaded a video and it changed my life! Good times." Transforming his life and

Sampling is as old as electronic music itself, with the earliest avant garde "electronic" music consisting of real world samples manipulated by then-new recording technology. When hip-hop exploded in the early 80s, sampling became the backbone of the genre, but dance music wasn't far behind. Thousands of artists have sampled thousands of track over the years, but perhaps the most

Former Daft Punk creative director Cédric Hervet is responsible for the exquisite transformation of Hong Kong restaurant and nightclub Cassio. Unfortunately for fans and the entire electronic community, legendary French duo Daft Punk have announced their split. However, at the moment, Cédric is focused on fresh starts and the new life his redesign will give to the nightclub, as it marks

Electronic artist Franzoli Electronics created one of the most innovative covers of iconic Daft Punk track ‘Around The World’, using a set made of Tesla coils. More than a month has passed since legendary French duo Daft Punk announced their split. However, what seemed to be the end of the electronic pioneers, seems to be a restart of their success, as the heartbreaking

Daft Punk announced last month the end of their 28-year long journey via a tear-jerking video simply titled ‘Epilogue’. Behind the masks, Thomas Bangalter and Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo have left a legacy in the music industry that only very few have accomplished. The French duo amassed a fanbase that crossed generations, genres, and cultures with their boundary-pushing and innovative sound

Daft Punk track 'Aerodynamic' celebrates a massive 20 year milestone, released on March 28 back in 2001. The track serves as the second single from the iconic 'Discovery' album, following the track 'One More Time'. Standing out for the epic guitar solo featured within the track, it has a solid place on Daft Punk's discography as one of the most iconic and timeless tracks that

Although the iconic French duo disbanded after 28 years in February, their influence is never going to disappear; on the contrary, it is rumored that Daft Punk might be featured in Splatoon 3, a third-person shooter Nintendo game, coming in 2022.   | Baby Audio All Plugins Giveaway - Click here to Participate   The word on the street, more precisely on Twitter, is that Thomas Bangalter and Guy-Manuel

Following the recent departure of Daft Punk from the music industry, supporting fans from around the world have sent in their tributes for the electronic pair, but one YouTuber, in particular, has bid farewell with a special and extremely talented gesture. Korean YouTuber 차커 Chaco is known for creating music with a channel dedicated to covering some of the world's most famous songs and