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It’s no secret that due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, huge support is needed to help keep the struggling businesses of live entertainment afloat. Luckily, The Republic of Ireland has given its entertainment sector a much-needed boost with €50 million of new funding given to help the countries' live entertainment sector which was announced recently by Catherine Martin, the country's minister for tourism,

During this COVID-19 time, it's uncertain whether things will get back to normal any time soon, or even this year at all. With nothing open right now, it feels like a very bleak time and even though this would be the time where everyone would be planning their summer festivals and holidays, everyone is stuck at home instead. Where some

British DJ and producer Adam George Dyment, better known by his stage name Duke Dumont, has today announced via his social media channels that he will need to cancel all remaining shows for the rest of the year due to health reasons. Andrew underwent an operation during the week and was all set to perform his last couple of shows up until the

Hailing from the city of Cork, DJ and Record Producer Mick Verma returns to the symbolic Vision Collective Recordings for the release of his 'Universal' EP. The Irish DJ has been one of the mainstays of Deep House scene in and around Southern Ireland and has also been an iconic member of the Vision Collective Recordings label - being the