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Globally recognized as a multi-talented turntablist, record producer, and music executive, A-Trak has been consistently evolving in the music industry since day one. Anyone who has had the pleasure of catching this talented artist in action can attest to his explosive fusion of electro-house and hip-hop-inspired beats and not to mention his insane mixing skills. Founding his record label known as

According to reports, a fire broke out at Coachella last night. One of the biggest festivals in the world, which takes place in the Colorado Desert is facing some serious troubles. Just a few hours ago, shortly after the first day of the festival was concluded with a remarkable performance of Childish Gambino, an explosion was reportedly heard by attendees

Taking a trip down memory lane, it is eight years to the day since veteran music producer David Guetta teamed up with American singer Scott Ramon Seguro Mescudi aka Kid Cudi to produce the now nostalgic track 'Memories'. Released back in 2010, the track was a testament to Guetta's status as one of the many dominating artists on the electronic dance scene that year. But today,

Very few know about Brazilian dance music producer brgs. However, his track listing to date has unveiled a unique talent from just a quartet or original material. Formally known as Hugo Borges, the 19 year old has already delved into a couple of sub-genre's. Exploring sounds and styles, his skill as a pianist is unmistakable, and undeniable. Featuring two instrumental piece on