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By definition, electronic music uses digital, circulatory-based music technology and musical instruments to create music. Think of Kraftwerk, Prodigy, Carl Cox, and Underworld. All these artists have put the electronic aspects of musical production into use. Historically, the 1953 production of the first song solely through electronic generators is one of the most notable developments. Some famous artists who contributed to

The legendary UK electronic music duo Underworld formed in 1980 by the English musician Karl Hyde and the Welsh Rick Smith, have just announced a brand new 5-show mini tour across North America performing in different cities in United States and in Canada. The charismatic pair are truly one of those acts that have been through everything in their massive 40-year long

While its stateside boom leaves much of its inner workings hidden, a journey through the incredibly intricate world of electronic dance music delivers some of the worlds most iconic events and performers. Two entities that undoubtedly embody this iconic status are techno pioneers Underworld, and world-renowned electronic music conference and festival ADE (Amsterdam Dance Event). For those who might not know, the